Privacy and Confidentiality on Ethereum Trader

In the opinion of some users, Ethereum Trader uses users’ personal data to contact them in an untimely manner (20 to 50 times a day for some).

Worse, it seems that the platform also shares its customers’ personal data with other organisations. These organisations then use this data to send you spam and contact you repeatedly and abusively.

Given that this is a free application, we can say that these accusations are not unfounded. Selling users’ personal data might be the only way the platform has found to make a profit.

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How to Maximize Your Earnings with ETH Trader?

Trading bots offer certain advantages to users, it’s true! But you should never rely solely on them to set your trading strategy.

Instead, always try to do your own research and analysis (technical and fundamental) before making an investment. We have listed some tips and guidelines that you should consider before using an automated trading platform.

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Invest Cautiously

The prospect of generating huge profits is enough to persuade anyone to invest big, it’s a fact. However, one should not succumb to the temptation at the risk of suffering the wrath of the hyper-volatility of the crypto-currency market.

The trick is to start with a small stake, in order to hone your trading strategy while mitigating the risk. Once you have a profitable long-term trading plan, you can start to gradually increase the size of your positions.

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Making Savings
When you first generate profits on a trading platform, you are naturally driven to reinvest everything in order to improve your capital. The problem is that you can also lose everything if you are not smart enough.

No trader in the world, even the most experienced, makes only gains. Losses are also part of the game. So it is recommended to save your profits as much as possible.

Preferably, withdraw your funds and keep them in your bank account for example. This prevents you from succumbing to the temptation to risk everything you have won.

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Follow Market Trends and Signals

The trader must always remain humble, no matter how good he is. That’s why he should never turn down an opportunity to learn more about trends and trading signals.

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Use a Demo Account
Almost all trading platforms offer a demo account to allow traders to practice trading live without risking real money.

Ethereum Trader is no exception. Feel free to make the most of this feature to improve your trading strategy before going for real money.